Managing Director Jörg Holzmüller

Dear Friends of Aronia Berries,

Aronia ORIGINAL stands for simple, natural, living. It was our conscious decision to introduce naturally biologic products to the market, without any additives and compromises. Doing this, we can ensure safety and mainly clarity for you, our customers.

Since 2008, you have placed your confidence and trust in the quality of our products. As a leading supplier of products associated with Aronia berries, we know that our success is not accidental. For this reason, we are standing with conscientiousness and trust for you, our customers, colleagues, and our world at present, to lay the foundation for the future. Our business activities always keep a close eye on the complete value chain, in accordance with the principle "to live and let live".

Jörg Holzmüller

Managing Director of Aronia ORIGINAL Naturprodukte GmbH

Chronicle of Aronia ORIGINAL

Zeitstrahl gross

Our Mission, Our Vision

Essential. Natural. Vital. Aronia ORIGINAL.
  • Essential juices from natural ingredients
  • Essential for everyone
  • Essential unpack, enjoy - finish
  • Naturally organic
  • Natural juices without additives
  • Naturally processed with care
  • Living wired range of products
  • Basically natural foods
  • Enliven every meal

And this is what we stand for:

For essential products which concentrate on what is important. “Essential” stand for lightly understandable and lightly consumable – essential something for everyone. Nature gives us selected raw materials in the best organic quality.

And this is what we take care of:

Naturally without additives, such as preservatives, colourings and aromas. We handle our nature with care, because our raw materials are dear to us. They grow in high-quality plantations and are processed with care by our partners – accompanied with our audits on site.

And this is what we want:

We want to offer you an organic food product that is gently processed and of high-quality. There are no compromises in the case of our selected organic products. This is supported by our certificates, guidelines and analyses.

Our Vision

In addition to our mission here and now, we also follow a vision: to attend to the small berries and other dark fruits with our complete dedication. We would like to focus on the common passion for natural foods even in the future. It is not only the enhanced inspections, the uncompromising organic quality and the development of new products that play an important role; the focus is also on the research into the berries and their contents, as well as the clear emphasis of their properties. Due to the contemporary wide range of products with more than 30 products, you can be sure in any case: you get the best quality with us!

My personal persuasion and adjustment naturally flow into my everyday work. For this reason, I would not like to work for anyone or anything. No; I would like to devote my energy, knowledge and experience to something that is reasonable and sustainable; I would like to leave a better world for my children. That´s why I am fascinated with Aronia. Every day I conduct research on and with the berries, I develop recipes and check the quality to create a product together with my colleagues that all of us are confident in. Our products not only include the best of Aronia, but also our love; I am proud to be part of it. This makes us and our products a true original: honest, authentic and transparent.
Maria FrenkelProduct Development
sliced and ripe aroniaberry

Our Guiding Principles

We bear societal responsibility – the ecology and economy should always be balanced.

We concentrate on the needs and wishes of our customers.

Our customers are in the centre of our activities.

We are strongly interested in our products.

We do not make any compromises in the case of the quality of our products.

We are a young, competent and transparent (dynamic) team.

We develop simple, natural and living products (foods) without any additives.

We would like to improve the standard of life and the well-being of people through high-quality organic products.

We try to enter sustainable (and long-time) partnerships and we support social projects.

We are specialists in the marketing of our products.


We would also like the Aronia berry to reach people in certain living conditions, who need help. Therefore, we regularly donate to associations and self-help groups, in the form of product donations or advertisement funding.


Help for Cancer-Suffering Child e.V.

We support the annual donation tombola with Aronia ORIGINAL products.

Diagnosis Leukaemia e.V.

As an advertisement partner, we support the project for regular typification campaigns.
Women with Cancer Self-Help Group

Women with Cancer Self-Help Group

We donate products and voluminous information materials for information days organized for the patients.

Johann-Friedrich-Jenke School

Five Aronia shrubs strive in the school garden at the Support Centre for Hearing Impaired in Dresden.

We are fascinated with the resilience and robustness of the Aronia plant. In the cold season, it survives the deepest temperatures down to -35°C! There are many good reasons to grow the Aronia berries. We are ready to support the sustainable and charitable growing projects, or to encourage the growing of Aronia in connection with social projects.

Adelsberg Children House EVA LU

Adelsberg Children House EVA LU

In 2015, we donated Aronia plants to the Adelsberg Children House EVA LU in Chemnitz. The children in the kindergarten can soon pick fresh Aronia berries.
Project LEBEN / LIFE e.V.

Project LEBEN / LIFE e.V.

Since 2010, we have processed the Aronia berries from the project Leben / Life e.V., which supports those socially disadvantaged, long-time unemployed and handicapped.
Child from Steppe / Initiation Group e.V.

Child from Steppe / Initiation Group e.V.

For 2017, we have palled the foundation of a small plantation with Aronia, which should develop as an opportunity for the people in western Mongolia to earn money.